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« I am an engineer and a professional driver. When I started to test drive the best cars with the best tires at Michelin, it was like chritsmas! »

What is a tire tester’s job: day in day out, to push cars and tires to their limit on the track in order to test and improve them.
Location: Based in Clermont-Ferrand, France but travels regularly to test tires on some of the best tracks in the world.

Jerome Haslin, Chief Tire tester. With MICHELIN since 1992.

High performce driving tips for the road

High performce driving tips for the track

Drive with me on the greatest tracks in the world

« I didn’t see it as a driving test so much as a confirmation of my excellence. »

Title: Topgear’s guru
What’s his job: to try out and express his opinion on the most incredible cars.
Location: Based in London, UK.

Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy was our guest blogger in May 2014.

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